About Us


“Pencil” is a name – a symbol representing hope, dreams and passion that keeps millions of hearts enlightened. It has a vision to make a history by creating a world that is noble and aesthetically original, something that existed once upon a time.

The journey of Pencil – which is a Facebook group started on the September 12th 2016 with an assemblage of a diverse group of people such as writers, singers, reciters, artists and photographers, together with an assortment of other craftsman. The goal of Pencil is to promote good practice of arts and literature in our daily life and to reinstate this among the generations to come and all the other generations after that.

Although Pencil started its journey on an online based platform, it didn’t confine itself to the virtual world only. Today Pencil is a reality and in the last couple of years Pencil has walked on almost all the branches of arts and culture. In continuation with all the endeavors, its recent achievement is the emergence of ‘Pencil Foundation’. This organization will serve as a strong structural identity for Pencil, which will help materializing all the long and short-term projects.


Pencil foundation aims to create opportunities by providing excellent and effective platform to the talented writers, singers, reciters, artists, photographers and other craftsman. The foundation has faith on its people and it believes that people, through engagement in creative works, can build a better society and a nation if guided, nurtured and nourished in the right way. The foundation will work to empower and enlighten individuals by helping them to identify their abilities and thus bringing out the finer qualities that they have in them and in the process create a culture that values arts and literature.


A better Bangladesh with its entire positive images and a better society with all the humane qualities, it is Pencil’s dream to work with the Bengali communities living in Bangladesh and abroad.

The Future

Pencil intends to put its footprint in every sphere of Arts & Culture with its wide diversified team members.

Pencil Foundation is also planning to enhance its activity in the field of Scholarly activities and on overall education system. To carry out all these activities Pencil is planning to establish

  • Pencil Publications
  • Pencil Scholarly Program
  • Pencil Book Donation Program
  • Pencil Photo Agency
  • Pencil Films & Animation
  • Pencil Audio-Visual Studio
  • Emergency Disaster Management/response

Over the years life is getting busier and the practice of arts and culture in the society is rarely in existence. The lack of collective resources of our libraries, museums, theatres and galleries or without the personal expression of literature, art and music, our life is becoming almost static and sterile; very little creative arguments about the past, diverse and stimulating present and dreams of the future noted in the recent times. Although it is difficult to measure the values of art and culture, it can be seen through the richness of a nation. Art and culture, is often undervalued in all aspect (appreciation, recognition and monetary values), often the reason for a slower growth in this sector or almost coming to an extinction and losing its authenticity in the current time. We all need to keep up and support from government and private organizations would be inevitable.

Arts and culture illuminate our inner lives and enrich our emotional world, something we need to cherish as it has great impact on our social wellbeing and cohesion, our physical and mental health, our education system, our national status and our economy, they do confer these benefits and we need to show the newer generations the importance of this. We need to be able to show this on different scales – on individual, communal and national levels – so that we can raise awareness among the public, across the cultural, educational and political sectors, and among those who influence investment in both the public and private sectors. We need to help people think of our arts and culture for what they are: a strategic national resource. We want to help each individual do better, so that arts and culture can be truly enjoyed by everyone. At the moment there is a huge gap yet to be filled; this could possibly reach economic benefits through museums and libraries, creative industries through arts and music, particularly in regard to innovation and health benefits through participation in arts and cultures. If the first world countries are taken for example, a direct link can be noted between arts, music and culture and the reduction in crime rate and numbers of people who re-offend, perhaps through engagement and appreciation and recognition we can truly save our youth from using drugs, alcohol and committing various crime if not play a supporting role in reducing poverty.