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“Pencil” is a name – a symbol representing hope, dreams and passion that keeps millions of hearts enlightened. It has a vision to make a history by creating a world that is noble and aesthetically original, something that existed once upon a time.

The journey of Pencil – which is a Facebook group started on the September 12th 2016 with an assemblage of a diverse group of people such as writers, singers, reciters, artists and photographers, together with an assortment of other craftsman. The goal of Pencil is to promote good practice of arts and literature in our daily life and to reinstate this among the generations to come and all the other generations after that.

Although Pencil started its journey on an online based platform, it didn’t confine itself to the virtual world only. Today Pencil is a reality and in the last couple of years Pencil has walked on almost all the branches of arts and culture. In continuation with all the endeavors, its recent achievement is the emergence of ‘Pencil Foundation’. This organization will serve as a strong structural identity for Pencil, which will help materializing all the long and short-term projects.

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“Pencil Foundation” an extraordinary organized group of intellectuals which provides a unique platform of creative activities from diversified professional fields.


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